About Me

As I have been casting about trying to figure out what I wanted to do after graduating, it was right in front of me all the time: I was already doing communication jobs for different kinds of organisations since at least 2013 and I enjoyed it. But I never took the time to really make it into a business. Until now. 

I am 27, love sports, creativity, adventures and travelling. Very cliche, but I also love my family and friends - they mean the world to me!

As a communication advisor I specialized in social media, corporate identities, websites, marketing and graphic designs. My study Corporate Communications was broad; teaching me how to organize communication for various audiences. These audiences commonly include: (potential) customers, employees, and key stakeholders.

Having had the opportunity to do different kinds of marketing & communication work for diverse organisations, both large and (very) small, I learned what I love most in my work: help organize your communication to become more professional, find custom strategies to reach all your communication goals and most importantly: to let that personality shine!


Corporate Communication, University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht
Minor Photojournalism


Hi, Hola, Hoi,
(informal; formal way: hello)

used as a friendly greeting or to attract attention.

"Hi there."

Some Fun Facts

  • I can't wait to get a dog, but first I want to make sure I can give enough time and love to the doggy.

  • I grew up as an expat child and attended 3 primary and 3 secondary schools. I have been living in this cheese country for 11 years now.

  • I do not get attached to a house or place, but to people.

  • You can wake me up for a good cup of coffee.

  • Bad habit: I am addicted to nicotine and made a commitment to stop smoking when I turn 30.

  • I would always prefer sun over cold, but I can not live without winter sports.